After Porn Ends

After Porn Ends is an American documentary that was released in 2012.

After Porn Ends
Directed byBryce Wagoner
Release date
21 May 2012
Running time
94 minutes


Documentary filmmaker Bryce Wagoner, a graduate of East Carolina University[1], interviewed several former porn stars about their lives after leaving industry. Wagoner got the inspiration for the documentary from a part-time job during her film education: During a voice-over and motion capture break for the video game WWE "Smackdown vs. Raw", a group watched porn movies and one of them asked what the actors did with their lives after their time in the scene.[2] In a separate blog post, she explained that the scene was about sexual acts with vegetables.[3]

The questions in the fast-paced interview scenes revolve around four core questions: How do you find your way into this film business? Why do you stop and possibly start again? How can a secure existence or family be built and thus private life and career be separated? How do porn actors differ from other employees?[4] Asia Carrera, among others, reports that Mensa International would link to all member websites, but in her case made an exception, since it is a pornographic website.[5]


The film received mostly negative reviews.

Beyond being twenty minutes too long, "After Porn Ends" is an utterly grim and depressing documentary. What begins as a look behind the fantasy of pornography instantly turns in to a ninety minute excuse to look down at all forms of pornographic stars, even those wise enough to leave it all behind and look for something more. A patronizing and utterly depressing look at the pornographic industry, "After Porn Ends" sets itself up as a look at the fantasy bringers who ended up being humans when the camera stops rolling, and then transforms in to a ninety minute excuse to look down at folks who once made millions out of having sex on film, especially those smart enough to retire and look for other greener pastures.[6]

Ultimately, it's a poorly made, sloppily researched and rather disinteresting documentary and, depressingly, far from the only one of its kind out there.


On Rotten Tomatoes the film holds an average rating of 2.9 out of five possible stars,[8] on the Dutch side it got 2.2 out of five possible stars.[9]


A sequel, After Porn Ends 2, was released in March 2017.[10] The industry actors involved included Janine Lindemulder, Lisa Ann, Chasey Lain, Tabitha Stevens and Herschel Savage.


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