Aerostar S.A. is an aeronautical manufacturing company based in Bacău, Romania.

Aerostar S.A.
Traded asBVB: ARS
IndustryAerospace, defence


Since its establishment in 1953, the company's name has changed in turn from U.R.A. to I.R.Av, I.Av. and finally Aerostar. It has been a subsidiary of the Ministry of Armed Forces, Air Defence Headquarters, General Industrial Direction of the Army, the Ministry of Machine Building Industry as part of the Central Department for Fine Mechanics and Aeronautical Industry, of Bucharest Aeronautical Group or of the National Centre of the Romanian Aeronautical industry.[1]

Aerostar has provided repair and maintenance services for all aircraft types used by the Romanian military. The company also developed the IAR-93 twin-engine, tactical ground-attack and reconnaissance aircraft, the first fighter aircraft built in Romania after World War II. Upgrade programs for the MiG-21 (MiG-21 LanceR) and MiG-29 were developed by Aerostar in cooperation with Elbit Systems.[2]

The company has produced more than 1,800 Yak-52 aircraft, in three versions: the Iak-52, Iak-52W, and Iak-52TW.[3]

Aerostar upgraded the Romanian Air Force's MiG-21 LanceR aircraft. This program included the development of upgrade programs for the MiG-21, and MiG-21 bis and also the MiG-29 SNIPER upgrade demonstrator program.[4][5] A modernization program was also carried out on the Iak-52W and Iak-52TW trainers. The LAROM modernization program upgraded the 40 APRA 122 FMC multiple rocket launchers belonging to the army.[6]

Aerostar developed its own light civil aircraft for aerobatics and sport aviation, including the Festival light-sport aircraft.[7]

The company has engaged in international projects with Elbit Systems, Thales Group (Thomson-CSF), EADS (DaimlerChrysler Aerospace) or Textron Marine & Land Systems.[8][9][10][11][12]

In the mid-2000s the company produced Southern Condor powered parachute airframes for Southern Powered Parachutes, for sale in the US.[13]

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