Aeroplanes DAR

Aeroplanes DAR Ltd ("Аероплани ДАР" ЕООД - DAR aeroplanes EOOD) is a privately owned Bulgarian aircraft manufacturer based in Sofia, established in 1995.[1]

Aeroplanes DAR Ltd
Privately held company
Key people
CEO: Tony Ilieff
ProductsKit aircraft

The company produces ultralight aircraft. The company name commemorates the defunct Bulgarian aircraft manufacturer Darzhavna Aeroplanna Rabotilnitsa (DAR) of Bojourishte (DAR aircraft were also produced by the former Darzhavna Samoletna Fabrika in Lovech), but otherwise there is no connection between the companies.[1]

The DAR 21 Vector II was launched in 2000, winning a best product award for 2000 in Bulgaria.[2] Other models produced include the DAR 21S, DAR-23, DAR Speedster and the DAR Solo. The DAR Solo entered production in 2008. It is a single-seat design for the U.S. FAR 103 Ultralight Vehicles rules, with a carbon fibre airframe and aluminium alloy wings, powered by a 27 hp Czech F-200 or 28 hp Hirth F-33.[3]

Tony Ilieff is the company CEO.[4]

In 2015 the company started using a new engine supplier, Italian manufacturer Polini Motori. With the Polini Thor 250 engine the DAR Solo received a type certificate from German DULV as a standard ultralight and as ultralight in class 120 kg.[5]



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