Adonis A. Kyrou

Adonis A. Kyrou (Greek: Άδωνις Α. Κύρου; 18 October 1923, Athens – 4 November 1985, Paris) was a Greek filmmaker and writer, whose works often appeared under the name Ado Kyrou. He was the son of Achilleus A. Kyrou and grandson of Adonis Kyrou, owners and publishers of the newspaper Estia.[1]

At the end of 1945 Kyrou moved to Paris, France in December 1945 along with many other Greek intellectuals on the Mataroa voyage. There he worked as a critic, filmmaker, and author of L'Âge d'or de la carte postale (1966), Amour - érotisme et cinéma (1957) and Le Surréalisme au cinéma (1953), the last two published by Eric Losfeld's publishing house Le Terrain Vague.

He was a contributor to the French film journal Positif.


  • 1957 : La Déroute, short film
  • 1958 : Le Palais idéal, short film on the Palais idéal by Ferdinand Cheval
  • 1959 : Le Havre, short film
  • 1960 : La Chevelure, short film
  • 1962 : Combat de coqs
  • 1962 : La Paix et la vie
  • 1963 : Les Immortelles
  • 1964 : Un honnête homme
  • 1965 : Bloko
  • 1972 : The Monk


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