Administrative divisions of Laos

Laos is divided into 17 provinces (khoueng) and one prefecture (kampheng nakhon) which includes the capital city Vientiane (Nakhon Louang Viangchan). Provinces are further divided into districts (muang) and then villages (ban). An 'urban' village is essentially a town.[1]

Administrative divisions
of Laos
  • Village

Administrative Units

Officially, Laos is divided into 3 administrative tiers, with different types of administrative unit on each tier:

Level 1st 2nd 3rd
Type Prefecture
(ນະຄອນຫຼວງ nakhon louang)
(ເມືອງ mueang)
(ບ້ານ baan)
(ແຂວງ khoueng)

Provinces of Laos

No. Subdivisions Capital Area (km2) Population
1AttapeuAttapeu (Samakkhixay District)10,320139,628
2BokeoBan Houayxay (Houayxay District)6,196179,243
3BolikhamsaiPaksan (Paksane District)14,863273,691
4ChampasakPakse (Pakse District)15,415694,023
5Hua PhanXam Neua (Xamneua District)16,500289,393
6KhammouaneThakhek (Thakhek District)16,315392,052
7Luang NamthaLuang Namtha (Namtha District)9,325175,753
8Luang PrabangLuang Prabang (Louangprabang District)16,875431,889
9OudomxayMuang Xay (Xay District)15,370307,622
10PhongsaliPhongsali (Phongsaly District)16,270177,989
11SayaboulySayabouly (Xayabury District)16,389381,376
12SalavanSalavan (Salavan District)10,691396,942
13SavannakhetSavannakhet (Khanthabouly District)21,774969,697
14SekongSekong (Lamarm District)7,66583,600
15Vientiane PrefectureVientiane (Chanthabouly District)3,920820,940
16Vientiane ProvincePhonhong (Phonhong District)15,927419,090
17Xieng KhouangPhonsavan (Pek District)15,880244,684
18Xaisomboun ProvinceAnouvong (Anouvong District)8,30085,168

Districts of Laos

Each Laotian province is subdivided into districts (muang) and then subdivided into villages (baan).

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