Adin Falkoff

Adin D. Falkoff (19 December 1921[1] – 13 August 2010[2]) was an engineer and computer systems and programming systems designer who was mostly known for his work on the programming language APL and systems for IBM.

Adin D. Falkoff
Born(1921-12-19)December 19, 1921
DiedAugust 13, 2010(2010-08-13) (aged 88)
ResidenceUnited States
CitizenshipUnited States
Known forEngineering and design of programming language APL with Kenneth E. Iverson
Spouse(s)Dr. Linda D. Misek-Falkoff
Scientific career
InfluencesKenneth E. Iverson


Falkoff, born in New Jersey, received a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Ch.E.) from the City College of New York in 1941, and a Master's degree (M.A.) in Mathematics from Yale University in 1963.

He was a researcher and manager at IBM Research since 1955 for over forty years before retiring.[3] He collaborated with Ken Iverson from 1960 to 1980 on the design, development, and use of the APL programming language and interactive environment.

Of special note is his landmark article, A Formal Description of System/360, describing the then new IBM System/360 computer system, formally, in APL programming notation.

Falkoff was a visiting member of the faculty of IBM's Systems Research Institute, and taught computer science at Yale University. He was one of the researchers who established and managed the IBM Philadelphia Scientific Center and received many awards for his work, especially with APL.

Representative publications


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