Aden Crater

Aden Crater is a small shield volcano, part of the Potrillo volcanic field of New Mexico.[3] It is in Doña Ana County between Santa Teresa, New Mexico and Las Cruces, New Mexico. It is in a remote location that can be hiked and explored. The area has deep caverns that can be very dangerous to inexperienced hikers and cavers.[5] A fossilized ground sloth,[6] now at the Peabody Museum, was found in a fumarole roughly 100' deep located on the SE portion of the crater rim. Several ground sloth coprolites were also recovered and were stored in the Geology department at UTEP.

Aden Crater
Aden Crater
Highest point
Elevation4,477 ft (1,365 m)[1]
Coordinates32°04′10″N 107°03′29″W[2]
LocationDoña Ana County, New Mexico, U.S.
Topo mapUSGS Aden Crater
Mountain typeshield volcano[3]
Volcanic fieldPotrillo volcanic field
Last eruptionca. 16,000 years ago[4]

No volcanic activity at Aden Crater is known from historic times. The most recent known activity has been dated to roughly 16 kya.[4]


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