Adele of Bar-sur-Aube

Adele (French: Adèle; also Adela or Adélaïde/Aelis) (? — 1053) was a French noble lady and the Countess suo jure of Bar-sur-Aube.

Parent(s)Nocher III of Bar-sur-Aube


Lady Adele was a daughter of the Count Nocher III of Bar-sur-Aube[1] and his wife, whose name remains unknown. After the death of her father, Adele became a countess, since she was the eldest child of her parents. Her sister was named Isabella.

These are the husbands of lady Adele:

Adele and her cousin Ralph IV – the son of Ralph III – were the parents of four children:

De jure uxoris, Ralph was the count of Bar-sur-Aube. Adele was a grandmother of Adelaide, Countess of Vermandois. Simon donated property to the abbey of Molesme for the soul of Adele.


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Primary sources

  • Acta Sanctorum — a chronicle in which the marriages of Adele are mentioned
  • Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium — by Alberic of Trois-Fontaines
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