Adana MTB Cup

The Adana MTB Cup (Turkish: Uluslararası Adana Dağ Bisikleti Yarışı) is an international mountain biking race annually held in Adana since 2010. It is a class 2, Cross-country olympic (XCO) race performed in 4 different categories; Men elite, Women elite, men junior, women junior.[1]

Adana MTB Cup
Race details
RegionAdana, Turkey
Local name(s)Uluslararası Adana Dağ Bisikleti Yarışı
DisciplineCross-country cycling
CompetitionOlympic (XCO)
TypeStage race
OrganiserTurkish Cycling Federation
First edition2010 (2010)
First winner Abdülkadir Kelleci (TUR)
Most recent Abdülkadir Kelleci (TUR)
Adana MTB Cup

Adana MTB Cup is the first leg of the XCO discipline UCI racing season in Turkey. The race is held every year in the first half of March and it is organised by the Turkish Cycling Federation. [2]


Year Country Rider Team
2010  Turkey Abdülkadir Kelleci Brisaspor  Turkey[3]
2016  Turkey Abdülkadir Kelleci Brisaspor  Turkey

Adana MTB Cup 2016

Adana MTB Cup 2016 is held on March 6th at the 80.Yıl Woods in Balcalı neighbourhood. Other than the 4 UCI categories, there were races in 5 more categories. Total of 174 cyclists joined races in 9 categories.


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