Adam Holender

Adam Holender (born 13 November 1937) is a Polish cinematographer, best known for his work on Midnight Cowboy.

He was born 13 November 1937 in Kraków, Poland, the son of a judge.[1] In 1939, he and his family were deported to a Siberian labor camp, and not allowed to return to Kraków until 1947.[2]

Holender studied Architecture at PWSFTviT in Lódz, from where he graduated in 1964.[2]

Midnight Cowboy was Holender's first cinematography assignment; he was recommended to Schlesinger by Holender's childhood friend, filmmaker Roman Polanski.[3] According to Schlesinger his inspiration to make the movie came from the 1967 Yugoslav film When I Am Dead and Gone by a Serbian director Živojin Pavlović.[4]


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