Abu Kamal District

Abu Kamal District (Arabic: منطقة البوكمال, romanized: manṭiqat Albūkamāl) is a district of the Deir ez-Zor Governorate in Northeastern Syria. Administrative centre is the city of Abu Kamal. At the 2004 census, the district had a population of 265,142.[1]

Abu Kamal District

منطقة البوكمال
Map of Abu Kamal District within Deir ez-Zor Governorate
Coordinates (Abu Kamal): 34.45°N 40.93°E / 34.45; 40.93
Country Syria
GovernorateDeir ez-Zor
SeatAbu Kamal
Subdistricts4 nawāḥī
  Total6,807.01 km2 (2,628.20 sq mi)
  Density39/km2 (100/sq mi)

The Euphrates divides the district, with Hajin and As-Souseh subdistricts being part of Jazira (Upper Mesopotamia) while Abu Kamal and Al-Jalaa subdistricts are part of the Shamiyah (the Syrian Desert).[2][3] Abu Kamal is an economically prosperous farming region with cattle-breeding, cereals, and cotton crops. It is also home to the historical site Dura-Europos and the ancient kingdom of Mari.

The administrative center of Abu Kamal Subdistrict shown above is the city of Abu Kamal.
The administrative center of Al-Jalaa Subdistrict shown above is the city of Al-Jalaa.
The administrative center of Hajin Subdistrict shown above is the city of Hajin.
The administrative center of Al-Susah Subdistrict shown above is the city of Al-Susah.


The district of Abu Kamal is divided into four subdistricts or nawāḥī (population as of 2004[1]):

  • Abu Kamal Subdistrict (ناحية البوكمال): population 92,031.[4]
  • Hajin Subdistrict (ناحية هجين): population 97,870.[5]
  • Al-Jalaa Subdistrict (ناحية الجلاء): population 29,255.[6]
  • Al-Susah Subdistrict (ناحية السوسة): population 45,986.[7]


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