Abbey (1853)

The Abbey was a wooden brigantine that was wrecked at Crowdy Head, New South Wales in 1868.

Extract of the Abbey (1853) Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping 1854 journal entry
Name: Abbey
Owner: John Phillips
Port of registry: Sydney
Builder: Unknown, Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland
Completed: 1853
  • Registration number: 52/1867
  • Official number: 31803
Fate: Ran aground on 15 February 1868
General characteristics
Type: Wooden brigantine
Tonnage: 90 GT
Displacement: 90 NT
Length: 22.6 m
Beam: 5.7 m
Draught: 3.3 m
Installed power: NA


The Abbey was built at Newcastle, Northern Ireland, in 1854. During the period 1858–1866, she was engaged mainly in the trade between Circular Head, Tasmania, and Hobsons Bay, Melbourne, carrying a cargo of general produce and items such as candles and soap.[1][2] The ship's captain, James Crocket, made this journey at least five times between 5 July 1859 and the 7 May 1862.[1][2][3][4][5]

Towards the end of Captain James Crocket's tenure, the Abbey was being used in runs between Brisbane and ports such as Newcastle, New South Wales,[6] the Clarence River and Port Frederick.[7]

On 27 June 1866, the Abbey was rammed by a cutter while at rest in the Brisbane River.[8] A few months later, on 6 September, she was sold at a public auction in Melbourne, having had a "thorough overhaul".[9]

In October 1866 the vessel sailed to Dunedin, New Zealand, under the command of T. W. Harrison.[10] In 1867 the vessel made runs from Newcastle to Melbourne stopping on the return voyages at Sydney [11][12]

Shipwreck event

On 14 February 1868, the Abbey left Sydney for Newcastle. The following day, she ran aground three miles north of Crowdy Head, in a gale which claimed several other ships. She was insured for £800.[13] The wreck was then sold by Messrs Bradley, Newton, and Lamb for the sum of £35.[14]


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