A Queen for Caesar

A Queen for Caesar (Italian: Una regina per Cesare, French: Cléopâtre une reine pour César) is a 1962 Italian-French historical drama film set in Egypt in 48 BC. Unlike other films about Caesar and Cleopatra, this film focuses entirely on the dynastic struggle within Egypt leading up to the arrival of Caesar, and in fact, we only see him in the closing scene of the film when he arrives at The Ptolemaic Palace in Alexandria.

A Queen for Caesar
Directed byPiero Pierotti
Victor Tourjansky
Produced byGiorgio Venturini
Music byMichel Michelet
CinematographyPier Ludovico Pavoni
Release date

This film was directed by Piero Pierotti and Victor Tourjansky. 20th Century Fox bought the rights for the film to keep it out of release lest it compete with their own Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra.[1]


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