A Promise of Bed

This, That and the Other, originally released as A Promise of Bed, is a 1969 British sex comedy, featuring a trilogy of stories.[1] The cast included Victor Spinetti, Dennis Waterman, John Bird, Vanessa Howard, Vanda Hudson, Alexandra Bastedo and Valerie Leon.

A Promise of Bed
Directed byDerek Ford
Produced byStanley Long
StarringVictor Spinetti
Dennis Waterman
John Bird
Vanessa Howard
Music byChristos Demetriou
John Kongos
Dorak Films
Distributed byMiracle
Release date
CountryUnited Kingdom


  • Story 1 - Susan Stress (Vanda Hudson), a sex-crazed actress desperate for a role in a film, lures the producer's son (Dennis Waterman) into her apartment by persuading him to take raunchy photographs of her.
  • Story 2 - George (Victor Spinetti), a depressed loner on the brink of suicide, receives a visit from a young hippy girl (Vanessa Howard), who brings her friends to his apartment after believing it to be the location of a swinging party with a suicide theme.
  • Story 3 - A lascivious taxi driver (John Bird) takes a mysterious sexy girl (Yutte Stensgaard) to an isolated countryside retreat, and becomes involved in a psychedelic world of bizarre hallucinations.



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