A Night for Crime

A Night for Crime is a 1943 American Mystery film starring Glenda Farrell and Lyle Talbot. The film is directed by Alexis Thurn-Taxis and was released by Producers Releasing Corporation on February 18, 1943.[1][2][3] Murders in a Hollywood film studio baffles a reporter and PR man.

A Night for Crime
Movie poster
Directed byAlexis Thurn-Taxis
Produced byLester Cutler
Written bySherman L. Lowe
Arthur St. Claire
Based onA Beautiful Night for Love
by Jimmy Starr
StarringGlenda Farrell
Lyle Talbot
Music byLeo Erdody
CinematographyMarcel Le Picard
Edited byFrederick Bain
Release date
February 18, 1943
Running time
68 minutes
CountryUnited States


Joe Powell (Lyle Talbot) a publicity director for a film studio visits his girlfriend Susan Cooper (Glenda Farrell). When they hear a woman scream, they find out that Ellen Smith who lives across the street has been strangled to death in her apartment. Later, an actress named Mona Harrison (Lina Basquette) who recently disappeared makes newspaper headlines. Police chief Williams (Forrest Taylor) interviews all the people who was at her home for a dinner party the night before, and that after Mona's servants quit she offers to take everyone out for dinner, but never show up at the restaurant. Susan decides to search Mona's bedroom and finds a safe. She hides in the closet when a man enters the room. She is nearly strangled to death until detective Hoffman (Ralph Sanford) enters the room and the assailant escapes.

Joe and Susan later learn that Mona has been found dead, and the coroner determines that although Ellen was murdered by a man, Mona was killed by a woman. Joe is later nearly killed by an unseen assailant as he checks his office files for Mona's twin sister Marie. Susan decides to leave for Reno, Nevada. Concerned about Susan's safety Joe, Hamilton Hart (Donald Kirke) and Carol Lynn heads for Reno. Meanwhile, Susan is nearly driven off the road by Arthur Evans (Rick Vallin). When Susan goes to the hotel she meets Joe, Carol, Hart and also Mona's sister Marie. Susan reveals that Arthur was married to Marie and they were blackmailing Mona. When Mona refused to pay more money, Marie kills her and Arthur killed Ellen who was a witness to Mona's murder. Marie becomes violent and in her fury, she accidentally falls to her death from the hotel window.


Home media

A Night for Crime was released on DVD in September 13, 2016.


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