A Mohawk's Way

A Mohawk's Way, also known as The Mohawk's Treasure, is a 1910 short silent black and white drama film directed by D.W. Griffith, written by Stanner E.V. Taylor and based on James Fenimore Cooper novel, and photography by G.W. Bitzer.[1] It stars Dorothy Davenport and Jeanie Macpherson.[2]

A Mohawk's Way
Directed byD.W. Griffith
Written byStanner E.V. Taylor
Based onNovel
by James Fenimore Cooper
CinematographyG.W. Bitzer
Distributed by
  • Biograph Company
  • Unicorn Film Service Corporation
Release date
  • September 12, 1910 (1910-09-12) (USA)
Running time
17 min

The film portrays American cultural precepts about blood-thirsty savage American Indians,[3][4][5] and it assails the white man's cruelty against them.[6]



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