A Dangerous Toy

A Dangerous Toy (originally titled Il giocattolo) is a 1979 Italian crime drama film written and directed by Giuliano Montaldo. It was co-produced by Sergio Leone.[1] The toy of the title is a gun. The movie chronicles how a frustrated and shy accountant may become a cruel and ruthless executioner.[2] For his role in this film Vittorio Mezzogiorno won the Silver Ribbon for Best Supporting Actor.[3]

A Dangerous Toy
Directed byGiuliano Montaldo
Produced byClaudio Mancini
Fulvio Morsella
Written bySergio Donati
Giuliano Montaldo
Nino Manfredi
StarringNino Manfredi
Marlène Jobert
Music byEnnio Morricone
CinematographyEnnio Guarnieri
Edited byNino Baragli
Release date
21 February 1979
Running time


Vittorio Barletta is hit by a random bullet when a supermarket is robbed. Due to this incident he gets to know a policeman. His new buddy teaches him how to defend himself with a gun. Hereby Barletta learns he has a special talent because right from the start he is an extraordinary marksman. When the policeman tries to arrest somebody while Barletta is with him, he is killed right under Barletta's eyes. This drives Barletta to seek vengeance.



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