A Cry for Help (Upstairs, Downstairs)

"A Cry for Help" is the sixth episode of the first series of the British television series, Upstairs, Downstairs. The episode is set in 1904.

"A Cry for Help"
Upstairs, Downstairs episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 6
Directed byDerek Bennett
Written byJulian Bond
Original air date14 November 1971
Guest appearance(s)

Raymond Huntley (Sir Geoffrey Dillon)
Susan Penhaligon (Mary)
Nicholas Young (Myles Radford)
Maisie Trent (Waitress)
Dennis Plenty
Ann Plenty
Grace Dolan (Customers)


Regular cast
  • Hudson
  • Mrs Bridges
  • Richard Bellamy
  • Roberts
  • Edward
  • Emily
Guest cast


In 1906 Lady Bellamy leaves with Rose for the country, but while Rose is gone the new under-house-parlour maid, Mary Stokes, arrives in service pregnant. She found herself pregnant after being sexually assaulted and raped by Myles Radford. He is the son of Mary's previous employer and Richard's powerful politician and family friend. Richard Bellamy takes pity on Mary and attempts and tries to help her. But the Radfords refuse to take responsibility and the legal system proves ineffective. Richard finds himself threatened with legal action if he continues with his accusations against Radford and finds himself facing rumours that he was the father. Sir Geoffrey tells Richard to send Mary away, so she quits her job with the Bellamys, but she departs with a small gift of money from some of the servants.[1]


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