A Carol Christmas

A Carol Christmas is a TV movie starring Tori Spelling, Dinah Manoff, William Shatner and Gary Coleman. It premiered on the Hallmark Channel in 2003. The film is an adaptation of Charles Dickens' 1843 novella A Christmas Carol.

A Carol Christmas
Written byTom Amundsen
Directed byMatthew Irmas
StarringTori Spelling
Dinah Manoff
William Shatner
Gary Coleman
Theme music composerRoger Bellon
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Robert Halmi, Jr.
Larry Levinson
Albert T. Dickerson III
CinematographyGeza Sinkovics
Editor(s)Jennifer Jean Cacavas
Thomas A. Krueger
Running time120 minutes
Production company(s)Larry Levinson Productions
Hallmark Entertainment
DistributorHallmark Channel
Original networkHallmark Channel
Original releaseDecember 7, 2003 (USA)


Carol Cartman (Tori Spelling) is a conceited sensationalist talk show host. She is cynical, selfish, and generally treats her employees with cold contempt. She has been coached by her late Aunt Marla (Dinah Manoff) to behave this way.

On Christmas Eve, hours before her talk show is set to go on the air, she is haunted by her Aunt Maria (who is wrapped in golden chains) who warns her of the mistake she made and the terrible fate awaiting her if she doesn't change where she also mentions that she will be visited by three spirits.

The Ghost of Christmas Past (Gary Coleman) shows Carol an incident from her childhood where Aunt Marla fought for her to get the lead role in a Christmas play over another little girl who deserved the part, drove away her love interest, John, who was going to propose marriage to her, and pushed to advance Carol's career in order to bolster herself financially. Carol and the ghost's last stop is Aunt Marla's sparsely-attended funeral.

The Ghost of Christmas Present (William Shatner) takes Carol to see how her sister Beth and her assistant Roberta spend this Christmas. Beth reads A Christmas Carol to her children. Roberta's festivities are disrupted by a visit by Roberta's ex-husband and Lily's father. He addresses Roberta bitterly, announcing he intends to take Roberta to court for custody of Lily, and presents her with a document stating same.

The Ghost of Christmas Future (James Cromwell, uncredited) is a mute Limo driver Who takes Carol on a tour, showing her what is apparently to happen starting next Christmas. Carol walks off her show after refusing to do a segment that hits too close to home for her, and her studio boss sues her for breach of contract; as a result, her career bottoms out and she's reduced to poverty and to making low-level community appearances. Roberta goes to see Lily, now in her father's care. Lily is very upset and lashes out at her mother, who apparently is never able to visit. Finally, Carol watches herself die, and learns that her funeral will have even fewer attendees than that of her Aunt Marla. From her coffin, Carol pleads for another chance at life. The ghost shakes his head and closes it, but Carol wakes up the next morning.

Carol becomes a warm, caring person, and vows to make amends. She goes on to her television show and makes a touching speech to her audience about the importance of Christmas and giving. She also gives Roberta a raise, time to be with Lily, and offers her her lawyer's assistance against her ex-husband's (future) attempt to get custody of Lily. After the show, she goes to her sister's house to spend the holidays with Beth and her family and reconciles with John, who still retained his feelings for her over the years.

At the very end, the three Christmas Spirits reappear outside Beth's house and comment on their work at transforming Carol Cartman. They watch and listen as Beth's son recites the last line of A Christmas Carol: "God bless us, every one!"


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