A Black Veil for Lisa

A Black Veil for Lisa (Italian: La morte non ha sesso) is an Italian giallo film directed by Massimo Dallamano.[3][4][5] It was also released as Showdown.[6]

A Black Veil for Lisa
Directed byMassimo Dallamano
Screenplay by
Story byGiuseppe Belli[1]
Music byGianfranco Reverberi[1]
CinematographyAngelo Lotti[1]
Edited byDaniele Alabiso[1]
  • Filmes Cinematografica
  • Pan Film
  • Top Film[1]
Distributed byTitanus[1]
  • West Germany
  • Italy[2]


When a narcotics detective finds out that his beautiful wife (who is an ex-criminal) is cheating on him, he hires a professional hitman to bump her off. However, things don't go quite according to plan. The detective was involved in investigating a string of drug-related murders, and when he finally catches the killer Max Lindt, instead of arresting him, he surprises him by asking him to murder his unfaithful wife. Instead of killing the woman, the hitman ends up sleeping with her, and they begin an affair.


A Black Veil for Lisa was shot in Hamburg.[7]



From contemporary reviews, "Whit." of Variety described the film as an "okay programmer" and that "Massimo Dallamano's direction [...] is as sturdy as script, on which he also collabed, will permit, and color camera work by Angelo Lotti is particularly effective."[7]


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