ASTM F626 is a standard specification for fence fittings.

This standard was created by the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ASTM International which was funded in 1898, is an international standards developing organization that develops and publishes standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

This standard was published by ASTM F14.40 which is a committee specializes about on chain link fence and Wire Accessories. This standard deals with the materials, coating requirements, and also inspection of fence accessories for chain-link fence.

These accessories are the following:

  • Post and line caps,
  • Rail and brace ends,
  • Top rail sleeves,
  • Tie wires, clips, and fasteners,
  • Tension and brace bands,
  • Tension bars,
  • Truss rod assembly,
  • Barbed wire arms,
  • Color coating of fittings, and
  • Fitting size terminology.

The main keywords to present this standard are fittings, fence; and high security.

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