ARD-aktuell has been the central television newsroom of the ARD since 1977.

ARD-aktuell is a joint institution of the ARD. It is located at the NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) in Hamburg-Lokstedt. The basis of the work of ARD-aktuell is an administrative agreement of all nine ARD institutions, in which the organization of the editorial office and the basic structure of the programs are defined.

ARD-aktuell produces Tagesschau, Tagesthemen, Nachtmagazin and the news broadcast of the television channel tagesschau24. All formats are broadcast live. At ARD-aktuell, about 300 employees work in editorial and production.[1] The editorial board is divided into two major areas: a planning team develops the program ideas and organizes contributions and live connections. The broadcasting team is responsible for the content of the broadcasts.

Editors of ARD-aktuell

Since January 1, 2006, Kai Gniffke is the chief editor of the newsroom, which must be elected by the ARD directors with a two-thirds majority.

Editors Years
Dieter Gütt 1978–1980
Edmund Gruber 1981–1988
Henning Röhl 1988–1991
Gerhard Fuchs 1991–1993
Ulrich Deppendorf 1993–1998
Bernhard Wabnitz 1999–2005
Kai Gniffke 2006–present


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