The AN/UYK-7 was the standard 32-bit computer of the United States Navy for surface ship and submarine platforms, starting in 1970.[1] It was used in the Navy's Aegis combat system and U.S. Coast Guard,[2] and the navies of U.S. allies.[3] It was also used by the U.S. Army.[4] Built by UNIVAC, it used integrated circuits, had 18-bit addressing and could support multiple CPUs and I/O controllers (three CPUs and two I/O controllers were a common configuration). Its multiprocessor architecture was based upon the UNIVAC 1108.[3] An airborne version, the UNIVAC 1832, was also produced.

In the mid-1980s, the UYK-7 was replaced by the AN/UYK-43 which shared the same instruction set.[1] Retired systems are being cannibalized for repair parts to support systems still in use by U.S. and non-U.S. forces.[5]

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