The AN/SPG-55 was an American tracking / illumination radar for Terrier and RIM-67 Standard missiles (SM-1ER/SM-2ER). It was used for target tracking and surface-to-air missile guidance as part of the Mk 76 missile fire control system.[1] It was controlled by a UNIVAC 1218 computer.

The USS Mahan (DDG-42) underway in 1983 to test and evaluate the Terrier New Threat Upgrade (NTU) Combat System. Two AN/SPG-55B directors are above the Mark 10 Terrier/Standard missile launcher and the sailors.
Country of originUnited States
TypeMissile fire-control
PrecisionFire control quality three-dimensional data


The designation "AN" stands for "Army-Navy" while "SPG" is not an acronym, but part of the MIL-STD-196E Type Designation System:[2]

  • First letter (installation) - S = Water (surface ship)
  • Second letter (type of equipment) - P = Radar
  • Third letter (purpose) - G = Fire Control or Searchlight Directing


AN/SPG-55 was fitted on numerous ships in the United States Navy including Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carriers, Belknap and Leahy-class cruisers and Farragut class destroyers. It was also used on the nuclear-powered single units Long Beach, Bainbridge and Truxtun. The Italian Navy used it aboard the cruisers Andrea Doria, Caio Duilio, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Vittorio Veneto.


  • AN/SPG 55 - Original version supported Beam riding Terrier missiles.
  • AN/SPG 55A - Supported Beam-riding and homing Terrier missiles
  • AN/SPG 55B - Supported Beam-riding and homing Terrier missiles as well as newer Standard missiles.

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