AMT AutoMag V

The AMT Automag V is a large single action semi-automatic pistol made by Arcadia Machine and Tool (AMT). The weapon was created by Harry Sanford, who also invented the original .44 AutoMag pistol. One of the extremely small number of handguns that fire a .50 caliber cartridge, it is also one of the few semi automatic guns that fires the .50 Action Express cartridge, it is said to be "the most ergonomic and lightweight of all of those autoloaders".[3] Its built-in compensator ports in the barrel assist in keeping muzzle rise to tolerable levels. The recoil, however, is still surprisingly brisk even for the most experienced shooter. The Automag V uses a 5-round magazine and is, like all AMT pistols, made primarily of cast stainless steel.

AMT AutoMag V[1]
AMT Automag V with factory 5-round magazine and .50 Action Express Cartridge.
TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Place of originUnited States
Production history
DesignerHarry Sanford
ManufacturerArcadia Machine & Tool
Unit cost$900 MSRP[2]
No. builtfewer than 3000
Mass1310 g (46.2 oz)
Length27.3 cm (10.75 in)
Barrel length16.7 cm (6.5 in)
Width3.5 cm (1.375 in)

Cartridge.50 Action Express
ActionSingle action
Effective firing rangeApprox. 50 m (165 ft)
Feed system5 round magazine
SightsFront and rear adjustable

Production quantity was supposed to be 3000 units, numbered 0001-3000 to 3000-3000. This goal was never reached, however. The MK V used the same frame as the MK IV, and pistols have been discovered with MK V frames with MK IV slides and vice versa.

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