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AMR Research, Inc. was an independent US research and industry analysis firm founded by Tony Friscia in 1986 and sold to Gartner Research for US$64 million in 2009. AMR was the leading firm in its sector focused on global supply chain best practices and all supporting technologies. Its services continue to be offered by Gartner. The company, which serves many Fortune 500 companies, provides subscription advisory and peer networking services to supply chain, sustainability, and IT executives in the consumer products, life sciences, manufacturing, and retail sectors.[1]

AMR Research, Inc.
IndustryMarket research
FounderTony Friscia
125 Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts

The company also researches and advises technology and services vendors. Major technology markets covered include ERP, supply chain planning and execution, green technologies, business intelligence / performance management, PLM, manufacturing operations, CRM, HCM, and sourcing and procurement.


  • 1986 - Founded by CEO Tony Friscia
  • 1988 - Launched its first advisory service focused on Manufacturing Automation
  • 1990 - Founded the Manufacturing Execution Systems Association (MESA) to serve industry need for standards in using off-the-shelf software to manage plant execution
  • 1991 - Initiated coverage on the emerging ERP market and became a leader in supporting companies on the selection of these next generation systems
  • 1994 - Launched Supply Chain advisory service—the first syndicated research service focused on supply chain software
  • 1996 - Co-founded the Supply-Chain Council[2]
  • 1998 - Co-developed the Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model
  • 2003 - Defined the Demand-driven supply network (DDSN) model
  • 2004 - Published the first annual AMR Research Supply Chain Top 25
  • 2006 - Launched Sustainability Strategies service
  • 2007 - Made commitment to Clinton Global Initiative to identify best practices in extending global supply chains into sub-Saharan Africa and to support local producers in this region
  • 2009 - Acquired by Gartner Inc.

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