AJS Silver Streak

The AJS Silver Streak was a British motorcycle launched in 1938 and described in the sales brochure as the 'aristocrats of the motor-cycle world'. Produced with a choice of 250 cc, 350 cc and 500 cc engines, the Silver Streaks were super sport machines with a special polished finish and hand tuned engines. As many parts as possible were specially chrome plated, including the mudguards, headlamp, fork links, front and rear chain cases, oil and petrol tanks and even the tool-box.[1]

AJS Silver Streak
Parent companyMatchless
Engine498 cc (30.4 cu in) single cylinder OHV
TransmissionFour speed Burman heavyweight gearbox
Fuel capacity2.5 imperial gallons (11 l; 3.0 US gal)

The Silver Streak had high ground clearance and a substantial crankcase shield which made it a good competition motorcycle. A low bottom gear made it useful for cross country and close ratios made it a fast road bike.


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