ACM SIGARCH is the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on computer architecture, a community of computer professionals and students from academia and industry involved in research and professional practice related to computer architecture and design.[1] The organization sponsors many prestigious international conferences in this area, including the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), recognized as the top conference in this area since 1975.[2] Together with IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Computer Architecture (TCCA), it is one of the two main professional organizations for people working in computer architecture.[3]

Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture (ACM SIGARCH)
FoundedAugust 1971 (1971-08)
FocusComputer architecture
Area served
Formerly called

ACM SIGARCH was formed in August 1971, initially as a Special Interest Committee (a precursor to a SIG), with Michael J. Flynn as the founding chairman.[4][5] Flynn was also the founding chairman of IEEE Computer Society's TCCA[6] and encouraged from the beginning, joint cooperation between the two groups.[7] Many of the joint symposiums and conferences are the leading events in the field.[8][9]


ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News is a newsletter, started in January 1972, that publishes refereed articles about computer hardware and its interactions with compilers and operating systems.[10]


ACM SIGARCH sponsors many top international conferences related to computer architecture.[11][12]


SIGARCH offers a variety of awards for outstanding contributions to computer architecture:

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