ABC Sports Award of the Year

ABC Sports Award of the Year was one of the premier sports awards in Australia. From 1951 to 1983, it was called the ABC Sportsman of the Year Award.[1]

The award was originally voted for by Australian Broadcasting Corporation sports supervisors and the sports editors of major Australian newspapers. After 1983, members of the Australian Sportswriters' Association also voted.[2] The awards were first presented on television in 1957.[3]

Swimmer Dawn Fraser was voted as the best Australian sportsman of the 25 years in 1975 as part of the award silver jubilee celebrations.[2]

In 1993, there was a merger of the Sport Australia Awards and the ABC Sports Award of the Year with the new award known as ABC Sport Australia Awards.[4] After 1994, the new award removed the ABC from its title.[5] The award was later known as the Australian Sport Awards and ceased in 2006. The main national annual awards are Sport Australia Hall of Fame Awards and the Australian Institute of Sport Awards.

Individual Award Winners

1951Frank SedgmanTennis
1952Marjorie JacksonAthletics
1953Jimmy CarruthersBoxing
1954John LandyAthletics
1955Peter ThomsonGolf
1956Betty CuthbertAthletics
1957Stuart MacKenzieRowing
1958Herb ElliottAthletics
1959Jack BrabhamMotor racing
1960Herb ElliottAthletics
1961Richie BenaudCricket
1962Dawn FraserSwimming
1963Margaret SmithTennis
1964Dawn FraserSwimming
1965Ron ClarkeAthletics
1966Jack BrabhamMotor racing
1967Heather McKaySquash
1968Lionel RoseBoxing
1969Rod LaverTennis
1970Margaret CourtTennis
1971Shane GouldSwimming
1972Shane GouldSwimming
1973Stephen HollandSwimming
1974Raelene BoyleAthletics
1975Bart CummingsHorse racing
1976Greg ChappellCricket
1977Graham MarshGolf
1978Tracey WickhamSwimming
1979David GrahamGolf
1980Alan JonesMotor racing
1981Geoff HuntSquash
1982Robert de CastellaAthletics
1983Robert de CastellaAthletics
1984Jon SiebenSwimming
1985Jeff FenechBoxing
1986Greg NormanGolf
1987Wayne GardnerMotorcycle racing
1988Debbie Flintoff-KingAthletics
1989Kerry SaxbyAthletics
1990Hayley LewisSwimming
1991Ian Baker-FinchGolf
1992Kieren PerkinsSwimming
1993Greg NormanGolf
1994Kieren PerkinsSwimming


Most Outstanding Team Award Winners

Team award was introduced in 1987.

1987Australian cricket teamCricket
1988Australia women's national field hockey team (Hockeyroos)Field hockey
1989Australian cricket teamCricket
1990Australian men's rowing coxless four crew (Oarsome Foursome)Rowing
1991Australian rugby union team (Wallabies)Rugby union
1992Australian men's rowing coxless four crew (Oarsome Foursome)Rowing
1993Australian cricket team (joint winner)Cricket
1993Australian Men's Team Pursuit Team (joint winner)Cycling


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