AACTA Award for Best Costume Design

The AACTA Award for Best Costume Design is an accolade given by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA), a non-profit organisation whose aim is to "identify, award, promote and celebrate Australia's greatest achievements in film and television."[1] The award is handed out at the annual AACTA Awards, which rewards achievements in feature film, television, documentaries and short films.[2] From 1977 to 2010, the category was presented by the Australian Film Institute (AFI), the Academy's parent organisation, at the annual Australian Film Institute Awards (known as the AFI Awards).[3] When the AFI launched the Academy in 2011, it changed the annual ceremony to the AACTA Awards, with the current prize being a continuum of the AFI Award for Best Costume Design.[3] Terry Ryan has received the most awards in this category with five.[4]

AACTA Award for
Best Costume Design
Presented byAustralian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA)
First awarded1977
Currently held byCatherine Martin, Silvana Azzi Heras and Kerry Thompson, The Great Gatsby (2013)

Winners and nominees

In the following table, the years listed correspond to the year of film release; the ceremonies are usually held the same year.[A] The costume designer whose name is in yellow background have won the award. Those that are neither highlighted nor in bold are the nominees. When sorted chronologically, the table always lists the winning costume designer first and then the other nominees.[5][6]

AFI Awards (1977-2010)
AACTA Awards (2011–present)
1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s  2010s
Year Costume designer(s) Film
AFI Awards
Judith Dorsman The Picture Show Man
Helen Dyson Storm Boy
Robbie Perkins Oz
Ron Williams Let the Balloon Go
Norma Moriceau Newsfront
Bruce Finlayson The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
Patricia Forster The Mango Tree
Anna Senior The Getting of Wisdom
Anna Senior My Brilliant Career
Luciana Arrighi The Night the Prowler
Clare Griffin Mad Max
Kevin Regan The Last of the Knucklemen
Anna Senior Breaker Morant
Norma Moriceau The Chain Reaction
Graham Purcell Manganinnie
Terry Ryan Harlequin
Norma Moriceau Fatty Finn
Ruth De la Lande Wu Ting
Ross Major Hoodwink
Terry Ryan and Wendy Weir Gallipoli
Norma Moriceau Mad Max 2
Luciana Arrighi and Terry Ryan Starstruck
Aphrodite Kondos The Pirate Movie
Camilla Rountree We of the Never Never
Bruce Finlayson Careful, He Might Hear You
Kristian Fredrikson Undercover
Terry Ryan The Year of Living Dangerously
Anna Senior Phar Lap
Jan Hurley Silver City
Ross Major One Night Stand
Norma Moriceau Street Hero
Jennie Tate Strikebound
Roger Kirk Rebel
Helen Hooper Bliss
Ross Major The Boy Who Had Everything
Terry Ryan The Coca-Cola Kid
Terry Ryan Kangaroo
George Liddle Burke & Wills
George Liddle Playing Beatie Bow
Jennie Tate For Love Alone
Steve Dobson The Umbrella Woman
Roger Ford Those Dear Departed (Ghosts CAN Do It)[7]
George Liddle Bullseye
Jennie Tate The Place at the Coast
Glenys Jackson The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey
Jeanie Cameron Mull
Cheryl McCloud Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Angela Tonks and Mathu Anderson Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds
Rose Chong What the Moon Saw
Gary L. Keady, Nicholas Huxley and Nicola Braithwaite Sons of Steel
Karen Everett Ghosts... of the Civil Dead
Aphrodite Kondos Georgia
Roger Kirk Blood Oath
Aphrodite Kondos Hunting
Michelle Leonard Two Brothers Running
Michelle Leonard Weekend with Kate
Tess Schofield Spotswood
Mic Cheminal Isabelle Eberhardt
Murray Picknett Waiting
Jennie Tate Aya
Angus Strathie Strictly Ballroom
Renée April and John Hay Black Robe
Anna Borghesi Romper Stomper
Clarissa Patterson Love in Limbo
Janet Patterson The Piano
Roger Ford The Nostradamus Kid
Aphrodite Kondos Gross Misconduct
Lynn-Maree Milburn and Jacqui Everitt Say a Little Prayer
Fiona Spence Frauds
Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappel The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Anna Borghesi Body Melt
Wendy Chuck Country Life
Terry Ryan Muriel's Wedding
Terry Ryan Billy's Holiday
Anna Borghesi Metal Skin
Vicki Friedman That Eye, the Sky
George Liddle Mushrooms
Terry Ryan Children of the Revolution
Anna Borghesi Love Serenade
Tess Schofield Mr. Reliable
Louise Wakefield Shine
Louise Wakefield Doing Time for Patsy Cline
Ruth De la Lande Kiss or Kill
Edie Kurzer Thank God He Met Lizzie
Anna Borghesi The Well
Janet Patterson Oscar and Lucinda
Anna Borghesi Head On
Annie Marshall The Boys
Aphrodite Kondos The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Terry Ryan Passion
Edie Kurzer In a Savage Land
Emily Seresin Praise
Two Hands
Tess Schofield Bootmen
Emma Hamilton Lewis 15 Amore
Paul Warren The Wog Boy
Louise Wakefield Walk the Talk
Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie Moulin Rouge!
Margot Wilson La Spagnola
Annie Marshall The Bank
Tess Schofield Dirty Deeds
Roger Ford Rabbit-Proof Fence
Angus Strathie Swimming Upstream
George Liddle WillFull
Anna Borghesi Ned Kelly
Annie Marshall Black and White
Jackline Sassine Gettin' Square
Emily Seresin The Night We Called It a Day
Emily Seresin Somersault
Anna Borghesi Love's Brother
Katie Graham One Perfect Day
Jill Johanson Tom White
Margot Wilson The Proposition
Paul Warren Hating Alison Ashley
Melinda Doring Little Fish
Edie Kurzer Look Both Ways
Jane Johnston Macbeth
Anna Borghesi The Book of Revelation
Melinda Doring Suburban Mayhem
Phill Eagles Kokoda
Cappi Ireland The Home Song Stories
Jodie Fried Romulus, My Father
Emily Seresin Clubland
Ariane Weiss Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance
Cappi Ireland The Tender Hook
Shareen Beringer Hey, Hey, It's Esther Blueburger
Susannah Buxton Death Defying Acts
Wenyan Gao and Kym Barrett The Children of Huang Shi
Catherine Martin and Eliza Godman Australia
Anna Borghesi Mao's Last Dancer
Cappi Ireland Balibo
Mariot Kerr Lucky Country
Janet Patterson Bright Star
Cappi Ireland Animal Kingdom
Ian Sparke and Wendy Cork Beneath Hill 60
Margot Wilson Bran Nue Dae
AACTA Awards
Terry Ryan The Eye of the Storm
Shareen Beringer Sleeping Beauty
Cappi Ireland Oranges and Sunshine
Emily Seresin The Hunter
Tess Schofield The Sapphires
Stefanie Bieker Lore
Tim Chappel Mental
Lizzy Gardiner Burning Man
Catherine Martin, Silvana Azzi Heras and Kerry Thompson The Great Gatsby
Shareen Beringer Goddess
Joanna Mae Park Adore
Woranun Pueakpun and Sylvia Wilczynski The Rocket
Tess Schofield The Water Diviner
Wendy Cork Predestination
Lizzy Gardiner The Railway Man
Mariot Kerr Tracks
Marlon Boyce and Margot Wilson The Dressmaker
Cappi Ireland Cut Snake
Jenny Beavan Mad Max: Fury Road
Maria Pattison and Sarah Cyngler Partisan
Jonathon Oxlade Girl Asleep
Liz Palmer Gods of Egypt
Lizzy Gardiner Hacksaw Ridge
Jennifer Irwin Spear
Cappi Ireland Lion
Maria Pattison Berlin Syndrome
Tess Schofield Dance Academy: The Movie
Margot Wilson Jasper Jones
Wendy Cork Ladies in Black
Jacqueline Durran Mary Magdalene
Heather Wallace Sweet Country
Wendy Cork Winchester
Jane Petrie The King
Anna Borghesi Hotel Mumbai
Edie Kurzer Judy and Punch
Margot Wilson The Nightingale

Further reading

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A^ : From 1958-2010, the awards were held during the year of the films release. However, from 2012, onwards, awards are handed out for films of the previous year.[8][9]


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