A6 motorway (Netherlands)

The A6 motorway is a motorway in the Netherlands. It is just over 100 kilometers in length and it connects the A1 motorway at interchange Muiderberg with the A7 motorway at interchange Joure.

A6 motorway
Rijksweg 6
Location of the A6 motorway
Highway system


Just after its start at interchange Muiderberg and the first exit, the A6 motorway crosses the bridge Hollandsebrug. Next, it passes the city of Almere, which has a total of six exits and an interchange (interchange Almere to the A27 motorway). Further to the northeast, just after Lelystad, the road crosses the Ketelbrug bridge to the Noordoostpolder and connects to highway N50 at the interchange Emmeloord. After this interchange, the road goes north to the city of Joure, where it connects to the A7 motorway at the roundabout-like interchange Joure.

The A6 motorway, of which the largest part is located in the province of Flevoland, is the shortest route between the city of Amsterdam and most parts of the northern provinces of Friesland and Groningen.


In April 2007, it was announced that the bridge Hollandsebrug, the bridge between intersection Muiderberg and the city of Almere, did not meet the quality and safety standards. The Dutch research organization TNO found out that heavy trucks could cause holes to appear in the road surface. Therefore, as of April 27 of that year, heavy traffic was not allowed to cross the bridge in either direction, and was forced to use the A1 and A27 motorways instead, a detour of about 20 kilometers.

Exit list

North HollandMuiden4226 A1 Muiden, Naarden
FlevolandAlmere46292 N701 northwest (Poortdreef) / Elementendreef Almere Poort
48303 N702 north / S101 north Almere Stad-West
51324 S102 Almere Haven, Almere Stad-West
53335 N305 north / S103 south Almere Stad, Vogelhorst
56356 N703 northwest / S104 northwest Almere Stad-Oost, Almere Buiten-West
5735 A27 southeast Vogelhorst, Huizen
59377 S105 northwest Almere Buiten
61388 N702 northwest (Buitenring) / S106 northwest (Buitenring) Almere Buiten-Oost
Lelystad754710 N309 northwest / N302 Harderwijk, Lelystad
875411 N302 west (Houtribweg) / N307 east (Houtribweg) Lelystad, Swifterbant, Dronten
Dronten986112 N711 southeast SwifterbantWestbound exit and eastbound entrance only
Urk1036413 N352 Urk, Nagele, Ens
Noordoostpolder1096814 N717 Emmeloord
N50 southeast Ens, Kampen
28317615 N331 east / N351 Marknesse, Emmeloord
28717816 N715 Bant, Luttelgeest, Kuinre
FrieslandLemsterland29718517 N359 west (Rondweg) / N712 southwest (Zeedijk) Lemmer
30019018 N354 northwest (Herenweg) / N924 east (Herenweg) Oosterzee-Gietersebrug, Woudsend
Scharsterland30519019 N927 west Sint Nicolaasga
311193 A7 / Geert Knolweg Joure, Heerenveen, Sneek
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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