A50 motorway (Netherlands)

A50, the section of Rijksweg 50 that is constructed as controlled-access highway, is a northsouth motorway in the Netherlands, running from Eindhoven in the province of North Brabant, northwards passing by the cities of Oss, Nijmegen, Arnhem and Apeldoorn, to its northern terminus in the province of Gelderland near the city of Zwolle.

A50 motorway
Rijksweg 50
Motorways in the Netherlands with A50 and N50 bolt
Route information
Part of E 31 / E 35
Maintained by Rijkswaterstaat[1]
Major junctions
South end E 25 / A2 in Eindhoven
North end E 232 / A28 / N50 in Hattem
ProvincesNorth Brabant, Gelderland
Highway system

The highway is maintained by Rijkswaterstaat.[1]

Route description

It passes the cities of Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Oss, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Apeldoorn and Zwolle.


During the Second World War the Highway was known as Highway 69. Since 1969, it is known as N69 and has that name now only between the border of Noord-Brabant and European route E34.

The highway was an important and only avenue of advance during Operation Market Garden, and after the fighting along its length between Allied and Wehrmacht forces it was named "Hell's Highway"[2] so named because of the effective artillery fire directed at it by the German forces in the area.[3] During the fighting some 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) of the highway south of Eindhoven was jammed with wrecks of vehicles being attacked by up to 200 Luftwaffe bombers[4] requiring bulldozers and blade-equipped tanks to roam the length, pushing them off the surface to keep traffic moving. The wrecks on the soft shoulders of the highway prevented its use by other vehicles,[5] in effect converting the highway into a narrow corridor, and slowing the movement on it to a crawl for the Allied drivers.

The fighting along N69 was depicted in a 2008 video game Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

Exit list

North BrabantEindhoven0.0000.000 E 25 / A2 Best, Eindhoven, Oirschot
Son en Beugel7John F. Kennedylaan
8 N620 west (Bestseweg) – Best, Son en Beugel
Sonse Heide rest area
Southbound exit and entrance
Sint-Oedenrode9 N637 north (Noordelijke randweg) / Eversestraat / Veghelseweg Sint-Oedenrode, Schijndel
Veghel10 N622 west (Eerdsebaan / Bovenrooy) Veghel, Schijndel
Zuid-WillemsvaartJulian J. Ewellbrug
North BrabantVeghel11 N279 (Rijksweg) – Veghel, Heeswijk-Dinther
12Driehuizen / Udenseweg
Uden13 N264 east (Lippstadt-singel) Uden
14Rondweg / Looweg
Bernheze15 N603 west (Noorderbaan) Nistelrode, Heesch
16 N324 east (Rijksweg) / N329 north (Graafsebaan) Schaijk, Oss
Oss A59 west – Heesch, Oss, 's-Hertogenbosch
Ganzenven rest area southbound
De Gagel rest area northbound
17 N277 south / N626 west (Dorpenweg) / Erfsestraat Ravenstein
MeuseMaasbrug Ravenstein
GelderlandWijchen A326 east Wijchen
Beuningen E 31 east / A73 east / N322 west Beuningen, DeestSouthern end of E 31 concurrency
GelderlandOverbetuwe E 31 west / A15 Andelst, ElstNorthern end of E 31 concurrency
Weerbroek rest area southbound
Meilanden rest area northbound
18 N837 (Cora Baltussenallee) Heteren, Driel
NederrijnRijnbrug Heteren
GelderlandRenkum19 N225 (Rijksweg) Renkum, Oosterbeek
ArnhemDe Slenk rest area
Northbound exit and entrance
E 35 / A12 Ede, BennekomWestern end of A12 / E 35 concurrency
De Schaars rest area
Westbound exit and entrance
E 35 / A12 Arnhem, RozendaalEastern end of A12 / E 35 concurrency
20 N784 (Apeldoornseweg) – Arnhem
21 N784 south / N311 west – Arnhem
North and southbound rest area
Transit buses and vehicle breakdown only
ApeldoornNorth and southbound rest area
Transit buses and vehicle breakdown only
North and southbound rest area
Transit buses and vehicle breakdown only
22 N788 north (Arnhemseweg) Beekbergen
23 N786 (Loenenseweg) – Beekbergen, Loenen
De Brink rest area southbound
De Somp rest area northbound
E 30 / A1 Apeldoorn, Voorst
24 N345 – Apeldoorn, Voorst
25Oost Veluweweg
Epe26 N792 east (Geerstraat) / Eekterweg Vaassen, Terwolde
27 N309 west Epe
Heerde28 N794 (Eperweg) – Epe, Heerde
Het Veen rest area southbound
Kolthoorn rest area northbound
Hattem30Hessenweg / Keizersweg
N50 northwest / E 232 / A28 Kampen, Zwolle, Wezep
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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