A3 Basket

A3 Basket is a basketball club in Umeå, Sweden. The club was established with the 2012 squad from KFUM Umeå women's basketball section "Umeå Comets" after the club had decided to discontinue their women's team. A new club was formed under the name Umeå BasketBollklubb (Umeå BBK). Debuting in Basketligan dam during the 2012-2013 season, the team ended up fifth and made it to the semifinals, before losing to the Norrköping Dolphins.[1] The club also plays in the BWBL.[2]

A3 Basket
LeaguesBasketligan dam
Founded2012 (2012)
HistoryUmeå BBK (2012–?)
Udominate Basket ?-2018
A3 Basket 2018-
ArenaUmeå Energi Arena
LocationUmeå, Sweden
Team colorsGreen, White
Main sponsorA3
PresidentCharlotta Enjebo (klubbdirektör)
Peder Westerberg (ordförande)
Team managerJan Enjebo
Assistant(s)Mikael Blomqvist


The official association name (föreningsnamn) is still Umeå BasketBollklubb (Umeå BBK) but the name rights has been sold twice. As the main sponsor for Umeå BBK, the company UDOMiNATE Sweden AB made a deal with Umeå BBK about its name and during most of the 2010s the club has been known as Udominate Basket. In 2018 however the telecom company A3 Sverige AB bought the name rights and the club has since been known as A3 Basket.[3]

Season by season

Season Tier League Pos.
2012–13 2 Basketettan dam 5th
2013–14 2 Basketettan dam 2nd
2014–15 1 Basketligan dam 3rd
2015–16 1 Basketligan dam 11th
2016–17 1 Basketligan dam 8th
2017–18 1 Basketligan dam 6th
2018–19 1 Basketligan dam 8th


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