The A-91 is a bullpup assault rifle developed during the 1990s by KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, Russia as an offspring of the 9A-91 firearm family. The A-91 retains the simple gas-operated, rotating bolt action and a trigger unit design from the 9A-91, it features a bullpup polymer housing, with an integral 40 mm single-shot grenade launcher mounted under the barrel. The earliest prototypes of the A-91 bullpup were added with the grenade launcher above the barrel, and with a frontal vertical foregrip; current models are fitted with the underbarrel launcher, which serves as a forearm. The A-91 has a forward ejection system, initially developed in Tula by designers like Afanasiev during the early 1960s. In this system, the ejection port is located right above the pistol grip, and is directed forward. Extracted cases go from bolt head through the short ejection tube to the ejection port, and fall out of the gun well clear of the shooter's face, even when firing from the left shoulder. As for now, the A-91 is made in small numbers and, probably, is used by some elite police units in Russia; it is also offered for export and domestic military and police sales.

5.56×45mm NATO variant of the A-91
TypeBullpup Assault rifle
Place of originRussia
Service history
In service1990–present
Used byRussian Police, Military Services
Production history
DesignerKBP Instrument Design Bureau
ManufacturerKBP Instrument Design Bureau
Variants5,56 A-91, A-91M
Mass4.3 kg (9.48 lb) (A-91 without the grenade launcher)
4.4 kg (9.70 lb) (5,56A-91 with the grenade launcher)
Length660 mm (26.0 in)
670 mm (26.4 in) (5,56A-91)
Barrel length415 mm (16.3 in)
Width56 mm (2.2 in)
64 mm (2.5 in) (5,56А-91)
Height291 mm (11.5 in)
292 mm (11.5 in) (5,56A-91)

5.56×45mm NATO (5,56A-91)
40 mm caseless (grenade launcher)
Caliber7.62×39mm, 5.45×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO
ActionGas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire600–800 rounds/min
700 rounds/min (5,56A-91)
Muzzle velocity715 (А-91), 910 (5,56А-91)
Effective firing range300 m
300 m (5,56A-91)
400 m (grenade launcher)
Feed system30-round detachable box magazine
SightsDioptric sight, Grenade launcher sight

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