8th Golden Raspberry Awards

The 8th Golden Raspberry Awards were held on April 10, 1988, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to recognize the worst the film industry had to offer in 1987. Leonard Part 6 was the biggest "winner" with three awards out of five nominations. Although he did not attend the ceremony, actor/producer/co-writer Bill Cosby later accepted all his awards on The Late Show. The list of nominees follows, with recipients marked in bold.[1]

8th Golden Raspberry Awards
DateApril 10, 1988
SiteHollywood Roosevelt Hotel, California
Worst PictureLeonard Part 6
Most awardsLeonard Part 6 (3)
Most nominationsJaws: The Revenge / Tough Guys Don't Dance (7)

Awards and nominations

  Winner (in bold)
Category Recipient
Worst Picture Leonard Part 6 – (Columbia) – Bill Cosby
Ishtar – (Columbia) – Warren Beatty
Jaws: The Revenge – (Universal) – Joseph Sargent
Tough Guys Don't Dance – (Cannon Group) – Golan-Globus
Who's That Girl – (Warner Bros.)
Worst Actor Bill Cosby in Leonard Part 6 as Leonard Parker
"Bruce the Shark" in Jaws: The Revenge
Judd Nelson in From the Hip as Robin "Stormy" Weathers
Ryan O'Neal in Tough Guys Don't Dance as Tim Madden
Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top as Lincoln Hawk
Worst Actress Madonna in Who's That Girl as Nikki Finn
Lorraine Gary in Jaws: The Revenge as Ellen Brody
Sondra Locke in Ratboy as Nikki Morrison
Debra Sandlund in Tough Guys Don't Dance as Patty Lareine
Sharon Stone in Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold as Jesse Huston
Worst Supporting Actor David Mendenhall in Over the Top as Michael Cutler Hawk
Billy Barty in Masters of the Universe as Gwildor
Tom Bosley in Million Dollar Mystery as Sidney Preston
Michael Caine in Jaws: The Revenge as Hoagie Newcombe
Mack Dryden and Jamie Alcroft in Million Dollar Mystery as Fred and Bob
Worst Supporting Actress Daryl Hannah in Wall Street as Darien Taylor
Gloria Foster in Leonard Part 6 as Medusa Johnson
Mariel Hemingway in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace as Lacy Warfield
Grace Jones in Siesta as Conchita
Isabella Rossellini in Siesta and Tough Guys Don't Dance as Marie and Madeleine Regency (respectively)
Worst Director Norman Mailer for Tough Guys Don't Dance (tie)
Elaine May for Ishtar (tie)
James Foley for Who's That Girl
Joseph Sargent for Jaws: The Revenge
Paul Weiland for Leonard Part 6
Worst Screenplay Leonard Part 6, screenplay by Jonathan Reynolds, story by Bill Cosby
Ishtar, written by Elaine May
Jaws: The Revenge, screenplay by Michael deGuzma, based on characters created by Peter Benchley
Tough Guys Don't Dance, screenplay by Norman Mailer, based on his novel
Who's That Girl, screenplay by Andrew Smith and Ken Finkleman, story by Smith
Worst New Star David Mendenhall in Over the Top as Michael Cutler Hawk
The Garbage Pail Kids (Ali Gator, Greaser Greg, Nat Nerd, Foul Phil, Messy Tessie, Valerie Vomit and Windy Winston) in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
David and Peter Paul (The Barbarian Brothers) in The Barbarians as Gore and Kutchek
Debra Sandlund in Tough Guys Don't Dance as Patty Lareine
Jim Varney in Ernest Goes to Camp as Ernest P. Worrell
Worst Original Song "I Want Your Sex" from Beverly Hills Cop II, written by George Michael
"El Coco Loco (So, So Bad)" from Who's That Girl, written by Coati Mundi
"Let's Go to Heaven in My Car" from Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, written by Brian Wilson, Eugene E. Landy, and Gary Usher
"Million Dollar Mystery" from Million Dollar Mystery, written by Barry Mann and John Lewis Parker
"You Can Be a Garbage Pail Kid" from The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, written by Michael Lloyd
Worst Visual Effects Jaws: The Revenge, special effects supervisor: Henry Millar
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, animatronics by John Buechler, Mechanical Make-Up Imageries, Inc.
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, special effects supervisors: Harrison Ellenshaw and John Evans

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