8 Lust Songs: I Sonetti Lussuriosi

8 Lust Songs: I Sonetti Lussuriosi is a setting by Michael Nyman of 8 pieces of a collection of erotic poetry from Pietro Aretino’s I Sonetti Lussuriosi. The songs depict a man and woman's sexual desires for one another in varying contexts. Marie Angel premiered the piece, voicing both the male and female characters, including a voyeuristic old woman, with the Orchestra di Santa Cecilia, conducted by the composer, on 4 October 2007 at the Arsenale in Venice, Italy, on a commission from Venice Biennale. A studio recording with the Michael Nyman Band was released on compact disc 29 July 2008. It is Nyman's 59th album, and the twelfth on his own label.

8 Lust Songs: I Sonetti Lussuriosi
art by Giulio Romano
design by Russell Mills and Michael Webster
Studio album by
Released29 July 2008
Recorded10 & 11 December 2007, Olympic Studio 1, London
Genreart song, contemporary classical, minimalism
LabelMN Records
ProducerMichael Nyman
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Mozart 252
8 Lust Songs: I Sonetti Lussuriosi
The Glare
Professional ratings
Review scores
BBC [1]
The Buffalo News
The Independentfavorable [2]

In a concert on 8 May 2008, the printed programs for a performance of the work at Cadogan Hall were withdrawn on the grounds that they contained obscene content.[3] The U.S. release of the album has a very large Parental Advisory Explicit Content sticker directly on the jewel case, an extreme rarity in classical music (shared with John Moran's The Manson Family, which was quickly withdrawn and became a collectible).

Track listing

  1. Questo cazzo voglio io
  2. Fottiamoci anima mia
  3. Io 'l voglio in cul tu mi perdonerai
  4. Tu pur a gambe in collo in cul me l'hai
  5. Dammi la lingua
  6. E saria pur una coglioneria
  7. Mettimi un dito in cul caro vecchione
  8. Apri le coscie, accio ch'io veggia bene



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