7th Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)

The 7th Frigate Squadron was an administrative unit of the Royal Navy from 1951 to 1993.

7th Frigate Squadron
ActiveApril 1951 – March 1993
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Navy
FirstCaptain David C. Ingram
LastCaptain Robert P. Stevens

Operational history

During its existence, the squadron included Bay class, Type 41 and Leander class frigates.

Ships from the squadron served with the Home Fleet, with the West Indies Squadron, participated in the Cod Wars, the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, the Falklands War and as part of STANAVFORLANT.

Squadron commander


Captain David C. IngramHMS St Austell BayApril 1951 – May 1952
Captain Earl CairnsHMS St Austell BayMay 1952 – March 1953
Captain Richard G.W. HareHMS Veryan BayMarch 1953 – February 1954
Captain Hugh C. MartellHMS Bigbury BayFebruary 1954 – February 1955
Captain C. Patrick NormanHMS Mounts BayFebruary 1955 – April 1956
Captain George E. HuntHMS Bigbury BayApril 1956 – June 1958
Captain William G. MeekeHMS LynxAugust 1958 – February 1960
Captain Robin A. BeggHMS LynxFebruary 1960 – August 1961
Captain David B.N. MellisHMS PumaAugust 1961 – May 1963
Captain Peter M. AustinHMS LynxMay 1963 – January 1965
Captain Peter G.R. MitchellHMS Lynx/HMS PumaJanuary 1965–1966
Captain Martin N.LuceyHMS Puma1966–
Captain Cyril J. CunninghamHMS Puma
Captain Oliver P. SuttonHMS ScyllaJuly 1972 – October 1974
Captain David G. ArmytageHMS JupiterJune 1976 – September 1977
Captain Geoffrey T.J.O. DaltonHMS JupiterSeptember 1977 – June 1979
Captain Charles E.T. BakerHMS ArgonautJune 1979 – May 1981
Captain Christopher H. LaymanHMS Argonaut/HMS CleopatraMay 1981 – January 1983
Captain Guy F. LiardetHMS CleopatraJanuary 1983–1984
Captain Roy T. NewmanHMS Cleopatra1984 – December 1985
Captain Peter Dalrymple-SmithHMS CleopatraDecember 1985–1987
Captain Thomas M. Le MarchandHMS Cleopatra1987 – January 1989
Captain John P. ClarkeHMS ArgonautJanuary 1989 – June 1990
Captain William K. HutchisonHMS ArgonautJune 1990–1992
Captain Robert P. StevensHMS Argonaut1992 – March 1993


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