7th Canadian Screen Awards

The 7th annual Canadian Screen Awards were held on March 31, 2019, to honour achievements in Canadian film, television, and digital media production in 2018.[1]

7th Canadian Screen Awards
DateMarch 31, 2019
LocationSony Centre for the Performing Arts
Toronto, Ontario
Hosted byNone
Most awardsThe Great Darkened Days (film), Anne with an E, Cardinal (television)
Best Motion PictureA Colony
Best Dramatic SeriesAnne with an E
Best Comedy SeriesSchitt's Creek
Television/radio coverage

Nominations were announced by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television on February 7.[2] Early coverage of the nominations highlighted the fact that the Best Picture category consisted entirely of French-language films from Quebec, with not a single English-language film named in the category.[3]


The awards in many of the technical and craft categories were presented in a series of advance Canadian Screen Week galas in the week before the main ceremony.[1] The gala for non-fiction programming was held on March 26,[4] the gala for creative fiction storytelling was held on March 27,[5] the gala for digital production was held on March 28,[6] and the gala for film craft categories was held in the afternoon of March 31.[7]

The broadcast ceremony had no overall host, with the Academy clarifying that the decision was made before the Academy Awards made the same announcement.[8] The ceremony did, however, included pretaped comedy segments from performers such as the casts of Baroness von Sketch Show and Letterkenny, as well as a short welcome introduction by actor Andrew Phung and drag queen Tynomi Banks.[9]

In film, The Great Darkened Days (La grande noirceur) was the year's big winner with five awards, although the Best Picture award went to A Colony (Une colonie).[10] In television, the drama series Anne with an E and Cardinal tied for the most wins, with seven awards each.[10]

Special awards

The first recipients of the Academy's special awards were announced on January 15.[11]


Motion Picture Direction
Actor in a leading role Actress in a leading role
Actor in a supporting role Actress in a supporting role
Original Screenplay Adapted Screenplay
Feature Length Documentary Short Documentary
Live Action Short Drama Animated Short
Art Direction/Production Design Cinematography
Costume Design Editing
Overall Sound Sound Editing
Achievement in Music: Original Score Achievement in Music: Original Song
Makeup Hair
Best Cinematography in a Documentary Best Editing in a Documentary
Visual Effects John Dunning Best First Feature Award
  • Benoit Brière and Bruno Maillard, Just a Breath Away (Dans la brume)
  • William Chang and Brian Huynh, Our House
  • Philippe Frère, Stéphane Thibert, Alexandre Rouil, Véronique Dessard, Loïc Poës, Barthélémy Beaux, Morgan Hardy, Bernard Devillers and Gaël Durant, The Hummingbird Project
  • Fredrik Nord, Stockholm
  • Jean-François Talbot and Jean-Pierre Boies, 1991
Special awards



Drama series Comedy series
Animated program or series Documentary program
Children's or youth fiction Children's or youth non-fiction
Limited Series or Program History Documentary Program or Series
  • The Nature of Things: "Ice Bridge"
  • 100 Days to Victory
  • Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz
  • 1491: The Untold Story of the Americas Before Columbus
Lifestyle Program or Series Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series
Pre-School Program or Series Reality/Competition Program or Series
Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series (Rob Stewart Award) Social/Political Documentary Program (Donald Brittain Award)
Factual Program or Series Live entertainment special
Variety or entertainment special Talk program or series
Golden Screen Awards


Lead actor, drama Lead actress, drama
Lead actor, comedy Lead actress, comedy
Lead actor, drama program or limited series Lead actress, drama program or limited series
Supporting actor, drama Supporting actress, drama
Supporting actor, comedy Supporting actress, comedy
Performance in a children's or youth program or series Performance in a guest role, drama series
Performance in an animated program or series Ensemble performance in a variety or sketch comedy program or series

News and information

National newscast Local newscast
News or information series News special
News anchor, national News anchor, local
News reporter, national News reporter, local
Host or interviewer, news or information program or series News or information program
News or information segment Host in a program or series
Host in a live program or series


Live sporting event coverage Sports analyst
Sports host Sports play-by-play
Sports feature segment Sports opening
  • Josh Shiaman, Rick Westhead, Stuart Roberts, Devon Burns and Michael Banani, "Finding Murph"
  • Michael Adach, Mark Wade, Gabriel Levesque, Travis Formosa, Alison Redmond and Marc Leblanc, "Syrian Refugee Al Ziab Family"
  • Matt Dorman, Darren Dreger, James Judges, Nigel Akam, Kevin Fallis and Darren Oliver, "The Mystery of Paul Ranger"
  • Matt Dunn, Michael Farber, Brent Blanchard and David Midgley, "Surfacing"
Sports program or series

Craft awards

Editorial research Visual research
Make-Up Costume Design
Photography in a comedy series Photography in a documentary program or factual series
  • Daron Donahue and Aaron Munson, The Nature of Things: "Equus: Story of the Horse / Origins"
  • Maya Bankovic, In the Making: "Crystal Pite"
  • Patrick Kaplan, Skindigenous: "Indonesia"
  • Joshua See, Mommy Wild
  • John Tran, The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution
Photography in a drama program or series Photography in a lifestyle or reality program or series
Photography in a news or information program, series or segment Editing in a comedy program or series
Editing in a dramatic program or series Editing in a documentary program or series
Editing in a factual program or series Editing in a reality or competition program or series
Production design/art direction in a fiction program or series Production design/art direction in a non-fiction program or series
Sound in a fiction program or series Sound in a non-fiction program or series
  • Jane Tattersall, David McCallum, Steve Medeiros, Dale Sheldrake, Davi Aquino, Claire Dobson, Goro Koyama, Yuri Gorbachow, Martin Lee and Ian Rankin, Vikings: "Moments of Vision"
  • Mark Shnuriwsky, Janice Ierulli, Matthew Hussey, Sid Lieberman, Michael Markiw, Mike Woroniuk and Paul Shubat, Wynonna Earp: "War Paint"
  • Jonas Kühnermann, Mark Beck, Richard Calistan, John Dykstra, Alfie Di Pucchio, Steve Hammond and Eric Fitz, Murdoch Mysteries: "F.L.A.S.H.!"
  • Jane Tattersall, Paul Germann, David McCallum, Krystin Hunter, Kelly McGahey, Martin Lee, Stacy Coutts, Sandra Fox and Chelsea Body, Cardinal: Blackfly Season
  • Alan deGraaf, Scott Shepherd, John Elliot, Tyler Whitham, Danielle McBride, Roman Alexander Buchok, Joe Bracciale, Dashen Naidoo, Alexander “Zan” Rosborough and Joe Mancuso, Anne with an E: "Youth Is the Season of Hope"
Sound in an animated program or series Visual effects
  • Richard Spence-Thomas, Tim Muirhead, Patton Rodrigues, Ryan Ongaro and Kyle Peters, PAW Patrol: "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties"
  • Mike Mancuso, Ryan Eligh, Joe Tetreau, Dante Winkler, Eric Mattar-Hurlbut and Paul Talbott, Supernoobs
  • Scott McCrorie, Glenn Barna, Evan Turner, Alex Mine and Ryan Eligh, Wishfart: "We Are Cheetah Face"
  • Miguel Nunes, Super Dinosaur: "The Great Race"
  • Ryan Araki, Andrew McDonnell, Simon Berry, Sue Robertson and Julia Snell, Hotel Transylvania: The Series: "The Legend of Pumpkin Guts"
  • Dominic Remane, Bill Halliday, Ovidiu Cinazan, Michael Borrett, Tom Morrison, Leann Harvey, Colin Hui, Paul Wishart, Jim Maxwell and Kieran McKay, Vikings: "Moments of Vision"
  • Lon Molnar, Giancarlo Derchie, Mike Duffy, Che Spencer, Anthony De Chellis, Mike Kwan, Frank Calero, Michael Enzbrunner, Parastu Rezaie and Mark Ferguson, Wynonna Earp: "War Paint"
  • Curt Miller, Terry Hutcheson, Tim Mulvihill, Dan Dixon, Sean Gilhooly, Rob Geddes, Brent Veal, Elaine Fung, Jun Matsumaru and Mitch Stuart, Travelers: "Ave Machina"
  • Michael Gibson, Danny McNair, Anthony Paterson, Lara Osland, Tim Sharp, Rachad Meya, David Rezek, Mohsin Kazi, Min Young Kim and Chris Doe, Killjoys: "The Kids Are Alright?"
  • Michael Dowding, Steven Elford and Marcel Simons, ReBoot: The Guardian Code: "Black Hole"
Casting Hair


Children's or youth Comedy
Documentary or factual series Documentary program
Dramatic program or mini–series Dramatic series
Lifestyle or information Live sporting event
Reality or competition program or series Variety or sketch comedy program or series
Animated program or series


Fiction Non-fiction


Children's or youth Comedy
Documentary Dramatic program or miniseries
Drama series Factual program or series
Lifestyle or reality/competition program or series Variety or sketch comedy program or series
Animated program or series

Digital media

Cross-Platform Project Cross-Platform Project, Children's
Web Series, fiction Web Series, Non-Fiction
  • The Artists: The Pioneers Behind the Pixels
  • Farm Crime
  • In Chinatown
  • The Move
  • MUCH Pride
Original interactive production Virtual reality game
  • Nuclear Dissent
  • It Was Me
  • Museum of Symmetry
  • Flow Weaver
Lead performance, web program or series Supporting performance, web program or series
Direction, web program or series Writing, web program or series
  • Grayson Moore, Aidan Shipley, Connor Illsley and Jon Riera, Deerbrook
  • Lucius Dechausay, The Move
  • Erica Daniels, Run As One: The Journey of the Front Runners
  • Blake Mawson, Pyotr495
  • Laura O'Grady, Gross Indecency: The Everett Klippert Story
Immersive experience, fiction Immersive experience, non-fiction
Host, web program or series


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