744 Naval Air Squadron

744 Naval Air Squadron (744 NAS) is a Naval Air Squadron of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

744 Naval Air Squadron
CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchRoyal Navy
Part ofFleet Air Arm

The squadron originally formed as an anti-submarine training unit on 6 March 1944 and continued in this role until 1 December 1947 when it was renamed 815 Squadron. It reformed in July 1951 from 737 Squadron X Flight as an anti-submarine trials and development unit and continued in this role until 31 October 1956 when it was disbanded.[2]

As of 14 November 2018, the squadron has been re-activated to introduce the Crowesnest Airborne Early Warning Merlin Mk2 aircraft and the Chinook Mk5s and Mk6s. It will be a joint unit under the Air Warfare Centre's Mission Systems and Armament Test and Evaluation Squadron. [3][4]


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