701 Naval Air Squadron

701 Naval Air Squadron was a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm squadron, formed on 24 May 1939, that saw service during the Second World War.

701 Naval Air Squadron
701 (Catapult) Flight FAA
CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchRoyal Navy
RoleTraining and ancillary
Part ofFleet Air Arm
Battle honoursNorway 1940[1]

Formed on 15 July 1936 as No. 701 (Catapult) Flight FAA at RAF Kalafrana, Malta by re-designating No. 444 (Fleet Reconnaissance) Flight FAA; 701 Squadron saw action in the Norwegian campaign in mid-1941, and in May six Supermarine Walrus aircraft of the squadron were flown off HMS Glorious to support operations off Harstad.[2] In June 1940 the squadron briefly appeared on HMS Ark Royal,[3] and the squadron was at Reykjavík in October 1940, when they were taken on board HMS Argus.[4]

By July 1943, the squadron was attached to No. 201 Group RAF for the invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky).

Aircraft operated

The squadron operated a variety of different aircraft and versions:[5]




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