6th Frigate Squadron

The 6th Frigate Squadron was an administrative unit of the Royal Navy from 1950 to 2002.

6th Frigate Squadron
ActiveAugust 1950 – 2002
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Navy
FirstCaptain Roy S. Foster-Brown
LastCaptain Matthew J. Parr

Operational history

During its existence, the squadron included Loch class, Type 15, Whitby class, Rothesay class, Tribal class, Leander-class and Type 23 frigates.

Ships from the squadron participated in the Coronation Fleet Review, the Beira Patrol, the Cod Wars, the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, the Falklands War and STANAVFORLANT.

Ships assigned to the squadron bore a badge on their funnels or superstructure depicting the Red Hand of Ulster.[1]

Silver Jubilee 1977

At the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, 24–29 June 1977, 6th Frigate Squadron comprised:[2]

Disbandment 2002

The squadron was disbanded in 2002 following the Royal Navy's "Fleet First" reorganisation.

Squadron commander


Captain Roy S. Foster-BrownHMS Loch InshAugust 1950 – 1951
Captain Colin C. MartellHMS VenusNovember 1952 – 1954
Captain Philip F. PowlettHMS UndineOctober 1954-November 1955
Captain John F.D. BushHMS UndineNovember 1955 – 1956
Captain Raymond HartHMS UndineApril 1957-October 1958
Captain Edward B. AshmoreHMS BlackpoolOctober 1958-January 1960
Captain Henry R. HewlettHMS YarmouthJanuary 1960-April 1962
Captain Ian W. JamiesonHMS NubianApril 1962 – 1964
Captain Richard D. FranklinHMS AndromedaAugust 1971-December 1972
Captain Alexander F.R. WeirHMS AndromedaDecember 1972-July 1974
Captain Robert W.F. GerkenHMS AndromedaJuly 1974-January 1976
Captain Anthony M.G. PearsonHMS AndromedaJanuary 1976-March 1977
Captain Kelvin A. LowHMS Andromeda/HMS SiriusMarch 1977-August 1978
Captain Michael L. E. Tudor-CraigHMS SiriusAugust 1978-November 1979
Captain Thomas G.B. RamHMS SiriusNovember 1979-April 1981
Captain David PentreathHMS PlymouthApril 1981-July 1982
Captain Michael C. ColeHMS PlymouthJuly 1982 – 1984
Captain Peter A. VouteHMS Ariadne1984-February 1986
Captain Peter J. GrindalHMS AriadneFebruary 1986-September 1987
Captain John H.S. McAnallyHMS Ariadne/HMS HermioneSeptember 1987-May 1989
Captain Andrew S. RitchieHMS HermioneMay 1989 – 1990
Captain Alexander K. BackusHMS Hermione1990-1992
Captain James F. PerowneHMS NorfolkMarch 1993 – 1994
Captain Niall S.R. KilgourHMS Norfolk/HMS Montrose1994-August 1996
Captain Timothy J.H. LaurenceHMS MontroseAugust 1996 – 1997
Captain Adrian J. NanceHMS Montrose1997-1998
Captain Robert G. CoolingHMS Montrose1998-2000
Captain C. Anthony Johnstone-BurtHMS Montrose2000-2001
Captain Matthew J. ParrHMS Montrose2001-2002


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