5th Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)

The 5th Frigate Squadron was an administrative unit of the Royal Navy from 1946 to 1980.

5th Frigate Squadron
ActiveAugust 1946 – December 1980
Country United Kingdom
Branch Royal Navy
FirstCaptain George K. Collett
LastCaptain D. Benjamin Bathurst

Operational history

During its existence, the squadron included Loch-class, Type 15, Whitby-class, Rothesay-class and Leander-class frigates. Ships of the squadron participated in the Suez Campaign, Beira Patrol, the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, the Armilla Patrol and the Falklands War.

Silver Jubilee 1977

At the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, 24–29 June 1977, 5th Frigate Squadron comprised:[1]

Squadron commander


Captain George K. CollettHMS Cardigan BayAugust 1946-1948
Captain Gordon T.S. GrayHMS Wakeful/HMS TorquayNovember 1955-October 1957
Captain Edward M. UsherwoodHMS TorquayOctober 1957-September 1959
Captain Józef BartosikHMS ScarboroughSeptember 1959-January 1961
Captain David A. Dunbar-NasmithHMS Scarborough/HMS BerwickJanuary 1961-1963
Captain David W. BrownHMS HermioneDecember 1972-April 1974
Captain Peter M. StanfordHMS HermioneApril 1974-June 1975
Captain Geoffrey R.T. DuffayHMS HermioneJune 1975-January 1977
Captain John A.B. ThomasHMS HermioneJanuary 1977-February 1978
Captain John B.L. WatsonHMS HermioneFebruary-July 1978
Captain D. Benjamin BathurstHMS MinervaSeptember 1978-December 1980


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