5 September 2016 Syria bombings

On 5 September 2016, suicide bombers simultaneously exploded in the Syrian cities of Tartus, Homs, Damascus, and Hasakah. A car bomb detonated on a coastal highway in Tartus, killing more than five people, followed by a suicide bomber exploding in the crowd gathering in the area. A car bomb then hit a Syrian Army checkpoint in the Zahra district of Homs and killed two soldiers. A motorcycle bomb detonated near an Asayish checkpoint in Hasakah and killed at least five people, with an explosion in the capital city of Damascus following soon after.[1][2] Two explosions were said to hit a Russian naval base.[3]

5 September 2016 Syria bombings
Part of the Syrian Civil War
5 September 2016 Syria bombings (Syria)
Location of the cities in Syria
LocationTartus, Homs, Damascus, and Hasakah, Syria
Date5 September 2016
Attack type
Suicide bombings
WeaponsCar bombs and explosive belts[1]
Deaths48–53 killed (at least one attacker also killed)[1][2]
PerpetratorsIslamic State of Iraq and the Levant


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