5 Regiment Army Air Corps

5 Regiment Army Air Corps is a regiment of the Army Air Corps (AAC). A written answer in September 2016 stated that elements of it would be transferred to RAF control in the future.[1]

5 Regiment Army Air Corps
Active1 October 1993 – present.
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Part ofArmy Air Corps
Garrison/HQJHFS Aldergrove
EquipmentWestland Gazelle AH.1, Britten-Norman Islander
Squadron Badge heraldryThe Regimental emblem is the Army Air Corps Cap Badge with the Roman numerals V beneath.


The regiment consists of:

  • No. 665 Squadron AAC[2]

The Regiment also has functional ie Aviation specific responsibility for No. 29 (BATUS) Flight AAC, a training support unit based in Canada.[3]

Former Squadrons

655 Squadron AAC 651 Squadron AAC


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