50 metres

50 metres is a sprint event in track and field. It is a relatively uncommon non-championship event for indoor track and field, normally dominated by the best outdoor 100 metres runners. At outdoor athletics competitions it is used in the Special Olympics and a rare distance, at least for senior athletes. It is an alternative to the 60 metres running event. The imperial distance for 50 metres is 54.68 yards.

50 metres
Men's records
World Donovan Bailey 5.56 A (1996)
Women's records
World Irina Privalova 5.96 (1995)

Records and personal bests in the 50 metres are frequently achieved in February and March as these dates coincide with the indoor athletics season.

All-time top 25

Indoor results only
+ = en route to a longer distance
A = affected by altitude


  • Updated 30 November 2018.[1]
Rank Time Athlete Nation Date Place Ref
1 5.56 A [B]Donovan Bailey Canada9 February 1996Reno
5.56Maurice Greene United States13 February 1999Los Angeles
3 5.58+Leonard Scott United States26 February 2005Liévin
4 5.60+Michael Green Jamaica16 February 1997Liévin
5 5.61 Manfred Kokot East Germany4 February 1973Berlin
James Sanford United States20 February 1981San Diego
5.61+ Deji Aliu Nigeria21 February 1999Liévin
Freddy Mayola Cuba16 February 2000Madrid
Jason Gardener United Kingdom16 February 2000Madrid
10 5.62 Emmit King United States5 March 1986Kobe
Andre Cason United States15 February 1992Los Angeles
5.62+ Eric Nkansah Ghana21 February 1999Liévin
Morné Nagel South Africa24 February 2002Liévin
14 5.63Stanley Floyd United States20 February 1981San Diego
5.63 AHenry Neal United States10 February 1995Reno
5.63Jon Drummond United States13 February 1999Los Angeles
5.63+Lerone Clarke Jamaica14 February 2012Liévin
18 5.64 Davidson Ezinwa Nigeria15 February 1992Los Angeles
Aleksandr Porkhomovskiy Russia4 February 1994Moscow
Bruny Surin Canada27 January 1995Moscow
5.64+Donovan Powell Jamaica21 February 1999Liévin
Leonard Myles-Mills Ghana13 February 2000Liévin
Ato Boldon Trinidad and Tobago16 February 2000Madrid
Tim Harden United States16 February 2000Madrid
5.64Gerald Williams United States19 February 2000Los Angeles
Jeff Laynes United States20 January 2001Los Angeles
Asafa Powell Jamaica28 January 2012New York City
  • B Ben Johnson of Canada ran 5.55 at Ottawa, Canada on 31 January 1987, but this time was rescinded after Johnson admitted to using steroids between 1981 and 1988.


Below is a list of other times equal or superior to 5.63:

Outdoor best performances

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+ = en route to 100m mark. N.B. The Seville marks listed are excluding the athlete's reaction times. Bolt's time is inclusive.

Rank Time Wind (m/s) Athlete Nation Date Place Ref
1 5.40+ (calculated; add 0.127, or 0.13) +0.2 Bruny Surin  Canada 22 August 1999 Seville [2]
2 5.42+ (calculated; add 0.132, or 0.13) Maurice Greene  Canada
3 5.43+ (calculated; add 0.140) Dwain Chambers  United States
3 5.46+ (calculated; add 0.136, or 0.14) Tim Harden  United States
5 5.47+ (calculated) +0.9 Usain Bolt  Jamaica 16 August 2009 Berlin [3]


  • Correct as of January 2017.[4]
Rank Time Athlete Nation Date Place
1 5.96+ Irina Privalova Russia9 February 1995Madrid
2 6.00Merlene Ottey Jamaica4 February 1994Moscow
3 6.02+Gail Devers United States21 February 1999Liévin
4 6.04+Chioma Ajunwa Nigeria22 February 1998Liévin
5 6.05+ Savatheda Fynes Bahamas13 February 2000Liévin
Philomena Mensah Canada13 February 2000Liévin
7 6.07 AGwen Torrence United States9 February 1996Reno
8 6.08+ Christy Opara-Thompson Nigeria16 February 1997Liévin
6.08 Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaica28 January 2012New York City
10 6.09Zhanna Block Ukraine2 February 1993Moscow
11 6.11 Marita Koch  German Democratic Republic 2 February 1980 Grenoble
6.11+ Liliana Allen  Mexico 13 February 2000 Liévin
Christine Arron  France 26 February 2006 Aubière
14 6.12 Marlies Göhr  German Democratic Republic 2 February 1980 Grenoble
Silke Möller  German Democratic Republic 19 February 1988 Berlin
Anelia Nuneva  Bulgaria 27 January 1995 Moscow
17 6.13 Jeanette Bolden  United States 21 February 1981 Edmonton
Michelle Finn-Burrell  United States 15 February 1992 Los Angeles
Natalya Merzlyakova  Russia 4 February 1994 Moscow
Ekaterina Grigorieva  Russia 4 February 1994 Moscow
6.13+ Mercy Nku  Nigeria 25 February 2001 Liévin
22 6.14+ Frédérique Bangué  France 16 February 1997 Liévin
Petya Pendareva  Bulgaria 21 February 1999 Liévin
Muriel Hurtis  France 23 February 2003 Liévin
LaVerne Jones-Ferrette  US Virgin Islands 24 February 2012 Liévin

Note: Angella Issajenko of Canada ran a world record 6.06 in Ottawa on 13 January 1987, this performance was rescinded after Issajenko's admittance of long term drug use at the Dubin Inquiry in 1989.


Below is a list of other times equal or superior to 6.11:

Outdoor best performances

+ = en route to 100m mark

Time Wind (m/s) Athlete Nation Date Place Ref
5.93+ (calculated) −0.1 Marion Jones  United States 22 August 1999 Seville

Season's bests


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