43rd Manitoba general election

The 43rd Manitoba general election is scheduled to occur on or before 2023 to elect members to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba. The incumbent Progressive Conservatives will attempt to retain the majority they won in the 2019 election.

43rd Manitoba general election

On or before 2023

57 seats of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
29 seats are needed for a majority
Leader Brian Pallister Wab Kinew Dougald Lamont
Party Progressive Conservative New Democratic Liberal
Leader since July 30, 2012 September 16, 2017 October 21, 2017
Leader's seat Fort Whyte Fort Rouge St. Boniface
Last election 36 seats, 47.07% 18 seats, 31.38% 3 seats, 14.48%
Current seats 36 18 3
Seats needed 11 26

Incumbent Premier

Brian Pallister
Progressive Conservative

Legislature summary

Manitoba Legislature

Party Leader Candidates Seats Popular vote
2019 Current Next +/- Votes % +/-
Progressive Conservative Brian Pallister 3636
New Democratic Wab Kinew 1818
Liberal Dougald Lamont 33
Green James Beddome
  Manitoba Forward Wayne Sturby
  Manitoba First Douglas Petrick
Communist Darrell Rankin
  Vacant 0
Blank and invalid votes
Total 5757
Registered voters/turnout

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