419 series

The 419 series (419系, 419-kei) was an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type introduced in 1985 by Japanese National Railways (JNR), and later operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR-West) on local services along the Japan Sea coast of Japan until March 2011. They were converted from former 583 series sleeping car EMUs in the 1980s.[1]

419 series
419 series trains at Fukui station, showing the differing cab end designs, April 2008
In service1985–2011
Number built45 vehicles (15 sets)
Number in serviceNone
Number preservedNone
Formation3 cars per trainset
Fleet numbersD01-D15
Operator(s)JNR (1985–1987)
JR-West (1987–2011)
Car body constructionSteel
Car length20,500 mm (67 ft 3 in)[1]
Width2,950 mm (9 ft 8 in)
Doors2 per side
Maximum speed100 km/h (60 mph)[1]
Traction systemResistor control
Electric system(s)1,500 V DC / 20 kV AC (50/60 Hz)
Current collection methodoverhead catenary
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)


Sets D01-D09

KuMoHa 419 + MoHa 418 + KuHa 418

(MoHa 418 cars each had one PS16 pantograph.)[2]

Sets D10-D15

KuMoHa 419 + MoHa 418 + KuHa 419

(MoHa 418 cars each had one PS16 pantograph.)[2]



The 419 series sets were converted from surplus former 583 series sleeping car EMUs and entered service from the start of the revised timetable in March 1985.[1]

Following the introduction of new 521 series EMUs in late 2006, two sets, D10 and D13, were withdrawn in March 2007.[3] The remaining sets were finally withdrawn on 11 March 2011.[4]

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Further reading

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