3rd Light Cruiser Squadron

The 3rd Light Cruiser Squadron was a naval formation of light cruisers of the Royal Navy from 1915 to 1922.

3rd Light Cruiser Squadron
CountryUnited Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy
EngagementsBattle of Jutland


World War One

Formed in 1915 it was part of the Grand Fleet, the squadron fought at the Battle of Jutland. The squadron was attached to Battle Cruiser Fleet from February 1915 until November 1916 when that formation was renamed Battle Cruiser Force it remained attached BC Force until February 1919.[1]

Interwar years

In April 1919 the squadron was detached to the Mediterranean Fleet. In December 1922 the squadron was re-designated the 3rd Cruiser Squadron.[2]

Rear/Vice-Admirals commanding

Post holders included:[3]

Rear-Admiral/Vice-Admiral Commanding, 3rd Light Cruiser Squadron [4]
1Rear-AdmiralTrevylyan D. W. Napier8 February 1915 - 30 July 1917
2Rear-AdmiralAllen T. Hunt1 January 1918 – 1 February 1919
3Rear-AdmiralSir Edwyn Alexander-Sinclair1 February 1919 – 5 August 1919
4Vice-AdmiralSir George P.W. Hope15 August 1919 – 19 January 1921
5Rear-AdmiralSir Reginald Tyrwhitt19 January 1921 – 11 December 1922


Distribution of the squadron included:[5][6]
Assigned toDateNotes
1Grand Fleet08/1914-10/1915
2Battle Cruiser Fleet11/1915-11/1916as part of the Grand Fleet
3Battle Cruiser Force11/1916-10/1918as part of the Grand Fleet
4Home Fleet10-1918-03/1919
5Mediterranean Fleet04/1919-12/1922
6Mediterranean Fleet12/1922redesignated 3rd Cruiser Squadron


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