3 Regiment Army Air Corps

3 Regiment Army Air Corps is the British Army's Divisional deep attack Aviation Battle Group, operating the WAH-64D Apache attack helicopter.[1]

3 Regiment Army Air Corps
Active24 October 1969 – present
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
TypeAttack Helicopter Force
RoleDivisional deep attack aviation Battle Group
Part ofArmy Air Corps
Lieutenant Colonel Nick English


3 Regiment Army Air Corps (3AAC) was formed on 24 October 1969 as 3rd Armoured Division’s Aviation Regiment. It comprised 653 (Netheravon), 664 (Perham Down), 665 (Colchester) and 666 (Plymouth) Squadrons (Sqns).

In 1977 the Regiment moved to Salamanca Barracks in Germany, where it was joined by 662 Sqn in 1983, and continued to give direct aviation support to 3 Armoured Division. During this era, the Regiment operated Gazelle Mk1 and Lynx Mk7 helicopters. The Regiment remained in Germany until 1993.

In the summer of 1993, 3AAC, then comprising 653, 662, and 663 Sqn, relocated to Wattisham Airfield, Suffolk in support of 24 Air Mobile Brigade and later 16 Air Assault Brigade. 3AAC and all its Sqns converted from Lynx to the WAH-64D Apache attack helicopter in 2005.

3AAC deployed to Iraq in 2003 on Operation TELIC 1, as the lead aviation unit in support of 16 Air Assault brigade, and deployed repeatedly to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK.

3AAC has recently returned to its roots and realigned to 3(UK) Armoured Division, supporting the UK’s warfighting division with Aviation Attack. It is soon due to convert onto the latest model of Apache helicopter, the AH-64E.

3 AAC Participation in the Royal Wedding

3AAC formed the No4 Street Lining Half Company. The Half Company consisted of one Officer and twenty-four Other Ranks, drawn from each cap badge represented within the Regiment (Army Air Corps, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and the Adjutant Generals Corps).

Prince Harry of Wales Affiliation with 3AAC

Prince Harry of Wales served as an Attack Helicopter Pilot in 662 Sqn, 3AAC. He participated in various exercises, both at home and overseas, and deployed to Afghanistan with the Sqn on Operation Herrick from September 2012 to January 2013. During his time in the Regiment, he completed a series of demanding flying training sorties and tests to gain Aircraft Commander status and qualify to command single and multi-ship Attack Helicopter missions by day and night.


The regiment consists of:


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