39th Yukon general election

The 39th Yukon general election will return members to the 35th Yukon Legislative Assembly. There is no fixed election date law in Yukon, so the maximum length that a legislature may sit is determined by Section 4 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: "no legislative assembly shall continue for longer than five years from the date fixed for the return of the writs at a general election of its members".[2] The writs for the previous general election were returned November 14, 2016,[3] meaning an election must happen by late 2021.

39th Yukon general election


All 19 seats to the Legislative Assembly
10 seats needed for a majority
Leader Sandy Silver Stacey Hassard Kate White[1]
Party Liberal Yukon Party New Democratic
Leader since August 17, 2012 December 3, 2016 (interim) May 4, 2019
Leader's seat Klondike Pelly-Nisutlin Takhini-Kopper King
Last election 11 seats, 39.4% 6 seats, 33.4% 2 seats, 26.2%
Current seats 11 6 2
Seats needed 4 8

Incumbent Premier

Sandy Silver

Opinion Polls

Polling Firm Poll Published Link Liberal Yukon Party NDP Green Other
DataPath Systems December 20, 2017 HTML 47 36 11 5 1
Election 2016 November 7, 2016 PDF 39.4 33.4 26.2 0.8 0.2


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